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5 Time Management Tips for Network Administrators

5 Time Management Tips for Network Administrators

5 Time Management Tips for Network Administrators

Time management  is often viewed as an ability to plan someone’s personal time properly. All in all, it’s the process of planning activities that must be done during a certain period of time. If we speak about time management for network administrators, this term may also mean the ability to coordinate the tasks and activities to maximize the effectiveness of network management done by a particular person.

Today, we’re going to speak about the things that influence immensely the work of the network managers and will try to give you five simple tips on how to plan your working time effectively.

Tip 1: Clear Up Your Working Responsibilities

When you start working, you should entirely understand what duties you have to fulfill during the day. Start with collecting the data from various sources: it may be your work duties or tasks set by instant messages, emails, help desk tickets or phone calls.

Tip 2: Do the Right Duties Prioritization

Working as a network administrator or manager often means dealing with various projects. Some of them may have very sharp deadlines, others are more flexible. However, you need  to do everything in time and sometimes, you simply don’t know what to start with. Duties prioritization may become a good solution for this problem. For instance, you may sort your daily duties according to the following criteria:

  • Start with the duties that get down the work of the entire network (you should fix the things that prevent a network from a normal functioning);

  • Do the duties meant to enhance the effectiveness of the network (deploy new programs; improve the network’s bandwidth and do other actions to improve its infrastructure);

  • Do other tasks.

Tip 3: Track Your Time

If you want to work effectively you should always plan your time correctly. For instance, your daily task list may include more than 30 duties, and it can certainly drive you mad. Nevertheless, if you spend no more than 30 minutes on each task, it can calm down you a little bit and help you manage your time effectively.

Tip 4: Use Special Tools to Ease Your Life

To fulfill your daily duties effectively, start using special tools. For instance, you may use SNMP scanner.This software product is able to:

  • Discover network devices;

  • Do topology maps;

  • Track the network’s performance.

Tip 5: Fill Your Calendar With Your Daily Duties

When you’ve cleared up your daily duties and you know how much time you’re going spend on a particular duty, it’s vital to put everything on the paper for better control.