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Best task management software

Best task management software

Best task management software

In this article we will dive into the best task management softwareoptions. You will get the knowledge on management software, its main features and usage. Check out the table that contains the most popular services.

The service

Short description


The service will ‘centralize your life’, by organizing your tasks. The app is available on iOS and Android.

This is a free task management tool, with unlimited lists, task reminders, etc. If you need a free day-to-day task reminder, it will meet your requirements.


Being a reflection of the iOS, it embodies simplicity of usage and provides users with a great many functions. You may try it free.


The service is wholly customizable and allows its users to build a personal low-cost task manager.

Todo Cloud

This software will be perfect for those who wish to have simply a to-do list. This on-line task manager will fit perfectly for the whole team as well, allowing everyone to comment on, share and sync their to-do lists.


It offers a synchronized system that can run on the most available Oss: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, PC and major browsers. Another positive feature about the service is that it is quite simple to work with.


If you are looking for a free task management option, this option is right for you. It doesn’t restrict the number of projects/tasks and is available on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android.


The software is helpful for teams working on separate tasks. What attracts the users is the simplicity in usage and a decent free version.


The perfect decision both for individual and group projects. Share the discussions and attach necessary files to the tasks.


In the modern fast world it is necessary to develop a planning strategy in order to be able fulfill all the necessary tasks on time. The listed services will become your great companions!